What is Robin Thicke wife ethnicity?

Question by Hello!!!!!: What is Robin Thicke wife ethnicity?
I read in Ebony magazine in walmart a few days ago and Robin Thicke’s wife said she considers herself a black woman..even though she’s mixed. What is she mixed with?

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  1. ya dig* says:

    she’s mixed but looks Black so I guess she’s Black….pretty too

  2. carmellove2678 says:

    She identifies with black, but it is obvious she is mixed. Like Halle Berry.

  3. Terri R says:

    She says she’s Black end of story

  4. YaY! CooKiEs! says:

    she’s mixed???? i thought she was just black.

  5. Josie Schmosie says:

    She’s half black and half white. I believe her mother is the black parent and her father, the white. i could be wrong on that

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